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whatever we are intent on savings, when a
restoration succeeds, we rescue ourselves
Howard Mansfield

Audiovisual products are now part of our cultural heritage and it’s increasingly important to preserve them as best as possible. Audiovisual products have the ability to convey a certain type of message that contains values and intentions. Our approach to audio restoration is based on preserving the authenticity of the voices, background sounds, and music.
Video restoration involves a different kind of challenge: restoring the power of the original image, the purity of its style through the use of state-of-the-art technologies that do not alter the original frames.

We offer the highest quality audiovisual restoration services thanks to these factors:

  1. Engaging the best and most sought-after restoration professionals whose skills are always kept up-to-date through the latest technological innovations.
  2. Constantly upgrading the technology used and the workflow involved in audiovisual restoration.
  3. A cutting-edge facility for technology, comfort, reliability, and compliance with industry standards.

Promptness, flexibility, availability, creativity, competence, passion, precision, and meticulousness have been part of the DNA of Laserfilm and its audiovisual restoration department for over 15 years.

Laserfilm’s audiovisual restoration department is defined by its unparalleled cutting-edge facility, its superlative award-winning and sought-after technicians and professionals.

Film services offered:

  • Elimination of spots and stains
  • Elimination of scratches and lines
  • Video noise correction
  • Film grain reduction
  • Brightness stabilization
  • Elimination of tape and splice marks
  • Reconstruction of broken frames
  • Image stabilization
  • Removal of mold



  • Cintel Ditto 4k
  • Arriscan 8k
  • Autodesk Lustre
  • Da Vinci Resolve
  • Diamant Hs Art
  • Barco Projector
  • Avid Pro Tools HD Accel
  • Izotope RX Sonic No-Noise
  • Waves z-Noise & x-Noise
  • AKG Headphones
  • Near Field Monitor Blue Sky System One
  • Far-Field Monitor Meyer Sound  

Restored films in European festivals

TAHIA YA DIDOU! In competition at Berlin 2018 – Directed by Mohamed Zinet
DIARY OF A NURSE (Hushi riji) In competition at Cannes 2019 – Directed by Jin Tao
COMPAGNI DI SCUOLA Alice nella città 2019 – Directed by Carlo Verdone

Restored films in Shanghai International Film Festival

CROSSROAD (Shi zi jie tou) Directed by Xiling Shen
8000 MILES ROAD (Ba qian li lu yun he yue) – Directed by Dongshan Shi, Weiyi Wang
CROWS AND SPARROWS (Wūyā yŭ Máquè) – Directed by Zheng Junli
THREE MODERN WOMAN (Sange Modeng Nuxing) – Directed by Bu Wancang
THIS LIFE OF MINE (Who zhe yi bei zi) – Directed by Shi Hui
THE LIGHTS OF TEN THOUSAND HOMES (Wanjia denghuo) – Directed by Fu Shen